Photogrammetry workshop

In this workshop, we were introduced to the software Metashape that allows us to recreate spaces through hundreds of photos. I took 403 photos of my partner’s room making sure there is a 60% margin of similarity between them. Once uploaded and aligned, I created a dense point cloud of his room. Next, I was supposed to align the dense cloud according to the software but I wasn’t able to click on the pyramid and didn’t receive an answer, so I just went along. I could still change the views with buttons 1,3 and 7. The next step was creating a foor plan, so I duplicated the project and deleted any point over 1m . Back to the main project I deleted any right and front points, along with any points that weren’t in the room, or that were clearly out of bounds. After that, I created animation of 600 fps with the centered trackball (the animation part in the video is on 250% speed). I finished off by building the mesh, but I had trouble creating the textures. I viewed the mesh in different views.

Overall I’m glad I was introduced to this software, I think even just based on composition it creates some very interesting visuals and computer generated “art”. Sadly the license will expire but for a future project I’m happy I know of its existence.

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