Urban Adaptation- Process

In the original drawing of my garment, I designed a hoop skirt. I decided to make it out of thick wire and wrap it in something to disguise the metal. After I built it, the metal looked really cool by itself and gave the outfit a new edge, so I decided to keep it rather than ruin it by wrapping it in something like colored scotch tape. However, when I was close to being finished with my garment, I put on the final plastic layer of the skirt, and the hoop skirt became unnoticeable. At the same time, I was playing with some canvas to try and tie the plastic layer together. I came up with the idea to wrap the wire loosely in strips of canvas. I made it look purposefully twisted and messy. It made the wire lines bigger and it fit well with the overall feel of my dress, since it wasn’t meant to be edgy. Below are before and after pictures of the hoop skirt:



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