Urban Adaptation- Process

I started to actually build my garment. I already knew that I wanted to make a skirt out of umbrellas. I had one white and one red umbrella, both of which I had already deconstructed in order to separate the patterned fabric from the handle. Originally, I had planned to use the red umbrella as the top of the skirt, and the white umbrella as the bottom. The material of the umbrellas was thin, so I would have had to make shorts or another skirt to go under it. However, while I was making the skirt, I arranged the umbrellas how I envisioned, and I did not like them together. The skirt was too long, and I thought that the red drew too much attention. Therefore, I came up with the solution to layer the white umbrella over the red umbrella. This made the skirt shorter, the white umbrella looked better on top, and with two layers of material the skirt was no longer see-through, so it solved the problem of me having to come up with shorts to go underneath.

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