For the second project I worked on in Design Studio was the Chindogu. I immediately thought of some sort of sideways cup that someone could drink from while laying down. In my original sketches, my cup was a rectangular box with a bent straw coming out of the side. I also wanted to somehow attach a clip so that the consumer would be able to connect the cup to their bedpost. When I shared my idea in the classroom, I decided to alter my design after hearing several good ideas. I decided to make the cup more like a pillow or an IV bag. It would be a bag covered in some kind of material to make it comfortable. It would have a bendable straw coming out of a screw on cap, and a handle on the end to hang on a hook or bedpost. A more in-depth description of my product and inspiration behind it is below:

Chindogu Description-1nk5nu3

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