Intimate space







As a designer who is deeply passionate about photography, I wanted to create a space that functioned with light, shadows and reflections.



Thoughts: From this project Ive learned to always start early.There are so many improvements that could of been made, if i had to time to step back and  look at my work then edit it. I probably would have reconsidered the form of the walkway. I would have made it more dynamic, the repetition of the same shape is boring, and makes the design less interesting. Im extremely proud of the material that I’ve  created , for it was both  beautiful and interesting. By layering cut out sheets of clear vinyl ,I was able to design the illusion of iridescent fabric, or stain glass.

I think because I was so invested and fixed on the material, that i forgot about the rest of the design of the walkway. I didn’t think about designing the environment which it sat in, and i didn’t explore the form as much as I should have.    PROCESSFORSPACE-2ib3hmp

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