Hand On Hand

Hand On Hand


Hand on Hand


Women always have their hands on their bags, sometimes they clutch it in sight of danger, and some have it Wrapped around their arms. After researching the possibilities of a mechanical hand, I decided that I wanted to design a handbag with a mechanical hand resting on top of the bag. This design parallels the unconscious hand gesture of so many women.  While The hand’s soul function is to open and close the bag, aesthetically the hand gives the bag the appearance that there is a constant hand always handing the bag. The fingers of the hands are attached to the opening flap of the bag, when you pull the string at the wrist of the hand, it lifts the flap upwards, and opens the bag. When the string is released the fingers rest, and the flap falls bag down, closing the bag. Considering that the hand on top of the bag is the main point of attention, a classic Trapezoid shape for the bag will keep things clean and simple. The bag will be made from quilted leather, but the interior will be lined with a hard cardboard like interfacing to secure its trapezoid shape. While The mechanical hand that rest on top of the bag will made of wood, and some metal parts, the surface of the hand will also be made of quilted leather.

With the finished product, Woman will no longer need to hold their handbags, it’s always ready being held.


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