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How Language Shapes Thought- Lera Boroditsky

Image result for lera boroditsky how language shapes thoughthttp://www.npr.org/blogs/health/2013/12/30/258376009/how-language-seems-to-shape-ones-view-of-the-world

If you had to summarize Boroditsky’s ideas in one or two sentences what would you say?
The language each of us speaks has a direct effect in the way we think, and what we give importance to. Since every language requires different things from us, our brains get trained to emphasize more on certain things than on others, or to do things a certain way.

What were some surprising things you learned from this article?From this article I learned that we do many different things differently than people who speak a different language, things that most people don’t notice but that make a huge difference in the way we think and the way we behave. I was surprised how something so simple as the way we use verbs can change someones perception of space and time.

Can you think of any things about your own native language or cultural way of communicating that might shape the way that you understand space, direction, or time?My native language is spanish and just as english we right from left to right so according to the article we would also organize time in that same way, in the other hand different from english when we speak we usually place the adjectives after the nouns but other than that most of the grammatical structures are the same as they are in english.

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