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Visit to Matisse Exhibit January 28, 2015

I had visited the Matisse exhibit once before we attended with the class and was Impressed how even though I had seen it before the colors and the compositions still stand out and cause an impression. I really enjoyed the visit to the MoMa, I believe you can never see too much art. The exhibit in my opinion is well-organized and is simply exiting to see. As an aspiring artist I think it is incredible to see the thinking process of the artist and how he got to thinking as the cut out as a medium of its own. In this visit I payed more attention to the small notes besides the pieces, it helped you see what some things meant and how Matisse thought. In my sketchbook I took note of some of the facts that were written besides the pieces which I found very interesting:

the artist rented a studio just so he could plan one of his pieces life-size

after his work on “Jazz” the artist began to see the cut outs as “ an independent medium and not just as “ means to an end”

Matisse wanted to not only represent color but also texture

The blue nudes were created to study the form of the human body

he used the pins to create a “composition card game”

I was impressed to see how much planning it took to make all of this pieces, they seem so simple and easy to make. After reading and carefully taking time to look at them I can see so much more behind the simple lines and colors and appreciate the process that went along with creating them.

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