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Endemic Dominican Slang Project

Endemic Production notebook Title pagePower Point:

endemic powerpoint final in pfd

 Dominican Slang

Dominican Slang (ENDEMIC)

“I am studying Dominican slang, because I want to know what are the different meanings each word/ phrase carries in order to show the value of the dominican language and its colloquialisms”

coin·age: the invention of a new word or phrase.

col·lo·qui·al·ism: a word or phrase that is not formal or literary, typically one used in ordinary or familiar conversation.

en·dem·ic: native or restricted to a certain country or area

Why endemic?

The project is doing to be called endemic because in each of the pieces I am including one of dominican republic’s endemic lowers to create a connection between these flowers and our slang. The connection being that are language is just as valuable and original as the flowers that are only found in our country. Also since flowers are associated with beauty they are appreciated greatly just as people should appreciate the originality and the rich meanings of the words that society has created to better express themselves.

Medium and Size:

5×17 Inch Strathmore 100lb. Bristol

filled with patterns that hide the main word and other words that provide a definition will be hidden in the pattern itself, the defined words that are going be in english and there will also be synonyms that aid to define the words in dominican slang.

also hidden in each of the patterns will be an endemic flower of Dominican Republic for this project I plan on making about ten words

Place with a magnifying glass for viewers to be able to look at it more closely and fine the definitions in-between the pattern


People that have an appreciation for slang, language and the meaning of words that are significant in a specific culture.

Pattern Type: 

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 2.02.46 PM

Inspiration for this project:

Ivan Tovar “Alphabet”

 imgres-1 imgres-2

This project was inspired by a project by ivan to bar called alphabet where he used his own technique to illustrate words from a poem with shape and color (Lithograph). 

Time Line:

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 11.20.45 AM

Words and their meaning:

VERDUGO  (Ver-Doo-Go): In the Dominican wrestling, Los Hermanos Bronco were called “Los Verdugos”, since they were considerably bigger muscle-wise than the average Dominican Wrestler, the term is also now used to describe someone who is muscular or strong 3. Someone who is heavy handed

AFICIAO (Ah-Fee-Ciao):From the word “asfixiado” meaning to asphyxiate.To Be enamoured with or in love.Used to describe someone whose life/thoughts is/are consumed with another person.

BABOSO  (Bah-Bozzo): Meaning you talk alot.Literal meaning “drooler” as in you got verbal diarrhea. sh*t talker

BAINA / VAINA or Bainita (Bine-ah):  Literal meaning a type of pea, or sheath to a sword. Womans private part.Dominican slang word to describe a “thing” – any “thing”

CACHE-CACHE (Catch-A):In French meaning “Hide and Seek”.Used as “cool”, “doing good”

CARAJITO  (car-ah-heet-Oh): A diminutive way of saying kid – i.e. Little kid

CARAJO  (car-ah-ho):Made up place where your Mom sends you to when she’s mad. Another way to say hell.

CHAN (chan): Dominican slang for Man, friend, person.Used instead of man, bro ect.

CHEVERE  (Che-Ver-Eh): used as awesome, or cool.

CHIN  (Chin):Meaning a little bit, a small bit of. A piece of, a part of.  Origin from the Taino Language.

CHINCHILIN (chin-chee-lynn):a bad smell. From the Taino Language meaning a type of Black Bird.

COCOTASO (cock-oh-tass-oh): Dominican slang for A hit with a closed fist over the head.

CONCHO (Con-Cho): means Taxi, as in moto-concho.

CURA or Que Cura (coo-rah): Literal meaning to cure, a cure.Used to describe something funny.

DIACHE  (Dee-Ah-Che): Comes from “DIATRE”, which means devilish. A PG-13 way to say “Damn”.Gosh is to God as Diablo is to Diache

DIQUE or Dike (Dee-Keh): Derrived from the actual word “dizque”.Used as “thats what I heard” or “supposedly”.. So I heard

FIEBRU or Fiebre (Fee-eh-broo): Literal meaning someone who has the flu.used to describe someone who is over-zealous about something

JABLADOR (ha-Blah-Door):From the word HABLADOR meaning a talker Someone who gossips a lot. Used to describe someone who lies, a liar

JEVI or Hevi  or Jevi Duti (Heh-Bee): Derived From the English word Heavy, and the term “Heavy Duty” Meaning “all good, everything is cool”. Looks good, or OK

MANSO (Man-So):meaning Calm. Used to describe a domesticated pet, non agresive.Also used to describe your mood, “chilling”

MATATAN  (Matt-ah-tan): Means the boss, the big boss, the man. a person that does boss-like things,

MONTRO  (Mon-Tro):From the word “MONSTRO” meaning Monster.used as “dude” or “man”, Can also be used to describe something cool, or “hot”, as in “ese carro esta Montro!” (That car is hot)

MUELU or MUELERO or MUELA: (Moo-Eh-Lou): To be a slick talker. Literal translation is “molar”, as in mouth – talker.To Talk to someone trying to get something out of them.

PARIGUAYO  (Par-e-guah-yo):Derived from the English word Party Watcher according to a fan of the site who said (not verified) he told us: “pariguayo came about during the US intervention of 1916, American soldiers used to call “party watchers” those who would just stand and watch.” Used as a term to describe a Lame person, a dumbass.

PORRA or Hijo De La Porra (Poor-rah): Interchangeable term, could be a person or place that you don’t want to know or be in. Not a real word, used instead of curse words as substitution instead of “Hell or B*tch”

QUILLAO – or TU TA QUILLAO (Key-Yao): To be Upset, Mad or angry

RATRERIA or Rastreria (Rat-treh-Ria):From the word Rastrero, meaning someone who uses a rake. deffinition of a dirt-ball, someone who does dirt and dirtyness seen as low by most

REBU or REBOLU (Reh-Boo): A frenzy, a group of people fighting.A gathering of people acting up or disturbing the peace

SANDMURAI  or Chancleta Samurai (Sand-Moore-eye): Term to describe thong Flip-flops, as in Samurai because Dominicans wear them with socks.

SANKY-PANKY (San-Key-Pan-Key):Someone who goes into a relationship with the final goal of getting money/gifts from their parter. Gold Digger

TA PASAO or Tu Ta Pasao (Tah – Pass-ow): Derrived from Tu Estas Pasado, meaning to be overdone To have cross the line, to be a habitual line-stepper. Another way to say “You are crazy”

TABLASO or YAGUASO  or TOLETASO (Tah-Blah-So):Literal meaning a huge piece of wood.Dominican slang to describe a hit, a great hit. used to describe the severity of a punch/kick/smack.

TATO or Ta To (Tah-Toe): Dominican slang / shortening of “Esta Todo”, literal meaning “everything is there”. Everything is good, everything is cool.Used also instead of “bye” or “Alright”.

TIGUERE  or Tigre (Tee-gur-eh):Literal meaning “tiger”. A street corner hustler.A street smart character, smart-ass

TINGOLA (Tin-go-lah): Something you say when you hit someone in the adams apple Did you read what I said above?. Ain’t that about the wildest sh*t you’ve heard?

TOLETE or El Tolete (Toe-Let-teh): Can be used instead of damn The man, or to be great at “Yo soy el tolete a qui.” “Ese tipo e un telete en eso.” It can also indicate a males private part.can be used to describe a punch/smack/kick when used as “TOLETASO”

VAKAN or Vakanisimo /a  (Bah-Can):To be wise, to be able to figure things out. a cool person, something that is cool

VAINA  (Bye-Nah): A word to describe a thing, anything, no.. really, any kind of thing. Not a Real word by the way.

VERDUGO  (Ver-Doo-Go):Real meaning is Executioner. In the Dominican wrestling, Los Hermanos Bronco were called “Los Verdugos”, since they were considerably bigger muscle-wise than the average Dominican Wrestler, the term is also now used to describe someone who is muscular or strong 3. Someone who is heavy handed

What’s Next?

Even after this class is over I won’t let all of my hard work go to waste I plan on continuing this project at keep creating at least double the words to apply to the national biennial of visual arts in dominican republic that takes place in August.


Who? Jaime is 25 year old who is very artsy and lives in the city. When he is not at work he spends his time going to museums and galleries. He has lived in the United States for a while now but he is an international citizen. As he has been living in this country he has felt a loss of connection with his native language since people doesn’t  understand where he comes from and what the language he was raised speaking means, because not all of the words ca be perfectly translated. He is also upper class citizen with a great education that poses an appreciation for different  types of art that try to convey an idea.

Where? The slang series of patterned words “Endemic” can be found in top notch fine arts galleries, because of the amount of detail, originality, intellectual idea that it conveys of translating untranslatable slang words. The series may also be found in modern art museums that work with a lot international artist and want to convey worldly ideas.

How the project has evolved?

I know plan on including in each of the word cards the ” rosa de bayahibe” dominican repulics endemic flower, this is to plant the idea that our dominican slang is as unique and important as the endemic flower. Also The project will be called “Endemic”. At the begining I was planning on having more than five words but beacuse of time limitations it wasn’t possible.

Whats Next?

In the weeks to come I plan to continue working on the actual project creating the words and meanings with visual connections through my patterns and applying them on the paper.

Connection to Seminar?

My Seminar paper  is based on the political views of the catalonian painter Joan Miro. A connection between my project and his career is not very clear if you don’t look very closely. In the last semester I have found that my work dose it fact have a lot of things in common with Miro’s like his work mine might sometimes be consider abstract but if you really look and try to understand it it has an underlying message in his case a lot of political statements, in mine a lot of cultural ideas about my dominican culture. Another thing we have in common is that hidden in both of our works you can find letters and words that have hidden meanings. Like Miro my work tries to transmit a greater message to the viewers.

Final Presentation:

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 11.23.07 AM

How it will Look

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