Our prompt for the final project in Studio/Seminar (Bridge 4) was to create an exhibit that would be placed in one of our site visits with 3 other students. My group was Chloe Jacobs, Alex McDowell, Sarah Chaltiel, and me. We all took on different roles within the group – Chloe was the exhibition designer, Alex was the curator, Sarah was the graphic designer, and I was the presentation organizer.

We decided to go with an iteration of my own project proposal, which was called Imitation Infatuation. Here is the original project proposal:



For my group project, I propose an exhibition on the concept of being fake in relationships. This exhibit would be hung and placed in the MOMA either in the main exhibition room or the large, projection based room on the 2nd floor.

Title of Show: Imitation Infatuation

Theme: The theme of Imitation Infatuation is a personal narrative. Each of the group members would create a piece about shadiness, deceit, pain, or imitation in relationships. This may appear to people in different ways. Maybe they were cheated on, or maybe someone lied. It could be that they were tricked, or they fell in love with someone they thought they knew, but didn’t. It will differ from person to person, but every visitor to our exhibit would find something to relate to. I want to make this exhibit abstract, but also applicable and understandable to the public eye.

I want this exhibit to be in the MOMA because of how neutral and ambiguous the spaces are. Since the walls are vast, a piece could be huge or tiny, and both would be extremely powerful to the viewer. There is a room that could be available to a projection or video, and spaces small enough where models or 3-D pieces would work.

Site: MOMA

We changed the name and made the topic more about adolescents and the honeymoon phase instead of problematic relationships. We kept the site as the MOMA because of its importance in the art world, its reputation as being a place for modern art, and the beautiful Marron Atrium.

I knew what I wanted to do for my portion of the project immediately, but I had to go through a lot of changes to my idea after the first one wasn’t going to work out. Originally, I wanted to create a project that used red, blue, and green lighting to manipulate what you saw in the canvas. I decided to go with what felt the most right: mixed media. I enjoy mixed media, even though I rarely do them. When I create mixed media pieces, I am putting forth a genuine portion of myself to use the entire canvas with deep, real feelings. Here are my original ideations, as well as the finished product.

all the relationships I’ve been in and what I associate with them (ideas, things, places)
here is my final piece. it was projected onto the wall in the classroom, but it is a large painting, about 30 x 30

My final piece is based on the guys I’ve dated and experienced the honeymoon phase with before. Love is always on my mind, and these are just some of the things and feelings that were associated. Here is what I had to say about it in class: Get You is a mixed media piece incorporating painting, collage, drawing, photography, writing, and digital design. Get You resembles the chaos and overwhelming amount of feelings that one hits when beginning a relationship.







My portion of the project was to create a powerpoint/presentation for the December 4 final presentation. Here are some of the slides of it:

Chloe’s portion of the project was to make an exhibition design of the Marron Atrium, the room in the MOMA that we planned on using.

Sarah’s portion of the project was to create a brochure as the graphic designer.

Together, we worked on a collaborative video about the topic of Honeymoon. It’s a very long video, too long to include here, but here is a link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Cql8CB6IowxjaH0hq6sTLKOlb_QHlyCW/view?usp=sharing

As the presentation organizer, the timing and act of the presentation on December 4th was massively important, and since we had a time based presentation, it was even more important to work on timing of the presentation. Here is a video of how the presentation went: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ES07WQLy8YFrf7kiE36A6WN8j8At8rPp/view?usp=sharing

I loved this project a lot. The topic of honeymoon is very near and dear to my heart, so it was really fun to collaborate with 3 great artists/designers on this project. It makes me sad to think that studio and seminar are over, but I know I left the class with a lot more knowledge about art, design, and life than I did when I first walked in in August.

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