Chinatown Photoshoot


As my creation develop with the aim of putting an end to the uncomfortable way people manage to carry things around Chinatown, I’ve decided that my photoshoot clearly has to take place on a crowded area where the society tend to carry lots of bags. This concept will determine the contrast between how people manage in this situation, and how someone using my garment will manage to handle the situation. The humor of someone can really change depending on how they handle to carry all the huge and massive bags they bought, not to mention the fact that being comfortless can end up in a vulnerable position for a tragedy to happen, for example something fragile and delicate can fall and break. By doing this, the importance and functionality of my garment will be shown. People wearing it will be much more comfortable, relaxed, and having a good time when buying things. Moreover, I want the model using the garment also to be inside a supermarket selecting different products and putting them on the garment,, so as to indicate how it works and how easy and accessible it is. In a quiet and unbussy location, the difference wouldn’t be that great, and the main characteristic of the product couldn’t been met.


An artistic make up will be great to combine with my artistic piece. I designated a colorful make up, as my garment is full of colors too, and it is favorable to continue my main concept. I took some references from internet that represent my ideas about what the make up will look and decided to use paint to conceive it. Ordinary make up will look boring, and it is challenging to make art also on the face. These are some examples:


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