Cupid’s Love Gun

My future environment is a quite spooky and demotivating one. After a third world war, the depression keeps increasing and being stronger every time. People dont believe in each other anymore, nothing is what is seems to be. There is no trust in the environment,  and the movement existencialism begins to develop. People are alienated, unable to share moments with someone else. This is the main reason why, for my Thing From the Future’s project, I will be designing a love gun. This consists of a gun, which can actually shoot, not in a mean or aggressive way, but in a romantic one. My product will shoot cupid arrows to someone’s heart, and affect it in a way which makes the person fall in love immediately. The intention is to shoot two persons at a time so they fall in love with each other. I, using the love gun, am not going to be involved in any feeling, I just act like cupid. The idea is that the only one knowing the product will be me, so people don’t refuse to try it. It is important to mention that my product is designed to every lonely people in the world. No one deserves to feel desolate, and my design will help those unhappy and pesimistic people to find someone to share their lives with. The product will be colored pink, which represents love, and will have cupid arrows instead of killing bullets. Furthermore, this loving arrows will go directly to someone’s heart, as they have sensors which make them feel attracted to heart tissue. I am inclined to believe it is a very interesting idea, as there are people which don’t believe in love, never felt it, and are refused to try. With this charming and passionate gun, their love problems can be solved, and their happiness will increase, as love makes someone happy.


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