Int. Seminar II Structures & Absence of Structure


On Thursday, my partner and I discovered mainly structures and but also some absence of structures from both the street and inside of buildings. At first, we did not know where to begin and what to observe, so we read the description again and discussed it more. We started our observation around union square so the first structure that came into our sight is the subway station. We think that it is a structure that provides people a form of transportation to travel to the places they desire. Then we found something bigger— a park. A park is also a structure, which provides people a place to relax and get away from the noisy city for a bit. Then we started to find some absence of structures. One of them we found is a passenger who does not follow the traffic light. It is a absence of structure because the traffic light fails to make sure people follow the traffic rules. As we progress our trip, finding either structures or absence of structure became easier and easier. We did not expect to find so many details from just the street. Also, while looking for structures, we were able to observe both from the street and the structures that are inside. One of the interior examples is the leading sign for customers to wait in line in Whole Food. Whole Food has a lot of customers and if not taken care carefully, the traffic can be a big problem. So Whole Food uses different colors of signs to average each customer’s waiting time and to make the check-out process as efficient as possible. Other than constructions, we also found music that the food cart displays a form of structure. It is used to attract customers. 

Through this observation, I found that even the smallest construction or detail from the street can be an intricately planned structure that might contain a complex system that gives people convenience. The city is composed of structures, and those structures are like yards in a knit, knitting the city into a whole.  I found this observation trip interesting because it gives me a chance to observe the city in a different perspective and see what I usually do not pay attention to.

Structure: Made for people who do not have a phone to have phone calls. Time: 12:10 pm.

Structure: a form of transportation. Time:12:22 pm.

Structure: Park, provide people a place to relax and to be apart from the noise of the city. Time: 12:23 pm.

Structure: area to walk their dogs. Provide urban people a place to walk their dogs. Time: 12:23 pm.

Structure: Water tower that supports the water system. Time: 12:25 pm.

The absence of Structure: The passenger who breaks traffic light. Time: 12:25 pm.

Structure: delivery system. Time: 12:26 pm.

Structure: cart inserts for entry to ensure safety. Time: 12:28 pm.

The absence of structure: wastewater system fails to clean the sidewalk. Time: 12:29 pm.

The Absence of Structure: Too many people waiting in line. Inefficiency. Time: 12:31 pm.

Structure: signs for different categories of items. Time: 12:31 pm.

Structure: button for disadvantaged people to enter the door. Time: 12:33 pm.

Structures: bathroom for all genders. Time: 12:35 pm.

Structure: fire escapes for parson building. Time: 12:36 pm.

Structure: different places for different kind of trash. Time: 12:36 pm.

Structure: construction system. Time: 12:42 pm.

Structure: Citi-bikes. Time: 12:43 pm.

Structure: music displayed by the cart to attract customers. Time: 12:44 pm.

Structure: parking system. Time: 12:45 pm.

Structure: underground parking structures. Time: 12:46 pm.

Structure: signs for customers to wait in line. Time: 12:49 pm.

Structure: transportation only for carts. Time:12:51 pm.

Structure: advertisement to attract customers. Time: 12:53 pm.

Structure: the green tent for construction. Time: 12:56 pm.

Structure: fresh fruit display to bring customers. Time: 12:57 pm.

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