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I am studying the testing system for high school students because I want to find out how the public school students and private school students prepare differently for applying to colleges, what are the advantages of the current testing system and what are the disadvantages of it. I want to help my reader understand the flaws in the current testing system and the merit of the system. I also want to help my reader understand the disadvantage many students can face base on their economic background and the environment surrounding them.

For the archive, I found one named “Adri fashion design business records”. This is an archive about the admistraive records of Mary Adrienne Steckling Coen and her experience of becoming an artist. By exploring this collection, I can learn how being an art student is different from being a regular student who applies to colleges. I can also learn about the testing system at the 1900s and the process a student had to take in order to get into colleges. I want to ask several questions.

  1. How she got accepted by Parsons School of Design?
  2. How she prepared for applying to colleges?
  3. What was her education background before coming to Parsons?
  4. What was her family background?
  5. How did she promote herself as an artist?
  6. What tests did she take for getting into colleges?
  7. What does her portfolio look like?
  8. What were the art pieces she produced in Parsons?

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