Int. Studio II Scavenger Hunt

I went to the Empire State Building and ask the front desk if I can ask some questions to the Kaplan International English. Unfortunately, Kaplan is unavailable that day. The surrounding was dark with dim light and there were a lot of people.

I went to this high school to learn about their ways of tutoring and testings. It is super quiet observing from outside the building.

The public library has different rooms for different types of study.

This room barely has any students, they are mainly adults and almost all of them use computers. The room is really spacious with no books and when I went in, the room was quiet.

This is the different rooms at different floors in the public library.

I took a picture while walking into the Empire State building. It was really noisy inside the building, but it was really warm compared to the outside.

This is the interior of the high school. I went in and got a visitor pass so that I can find someone to answer my questions. When I went in, the students are probably still having classes so the building is really quiet. There were only students coming in and out occasionally.


Base on my observation, there are not only students at the library but also a huge amount of working people or adults. My original purpose was to find out how students would study for the SAT so I looked for the room that contains SAT books. However, I could not find any, so I asked the librarian in this room to help me. The librarian said that they do not hold any SAT books. I was kind of in shock that they do not have SAT books. But overall, the library is big with a lot of beautiful drawings and design on the wall and ceiling, the study rooms are very quiet and peaceful and there are computer rooms to supply people with technology.

I also wanted to go to a tutor organization to ask about the way of tutoring and the prices. However, when I went there, I could not find the tutoring company, so I ask a person about the address and he confirmed it with me. I realized that this organization that named Tutorspress had been shut down. The original place of Tutorspree was in a block where has some old buildings and residents, but right now, I can no longer find Tutorspree.

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