Int. Seminar Intro and Conclusion


SAT is a standardized test for high school students to take as a justification of their academic ability. Many colleges exam the scores and evacuate the applicants’ abilities. The SAT focus on four different sections within three categories: the math category that contains calculator and non-calculator sections; the writing section that test students ability to read, analyze, and discuss the article the students read within a limited amount of time; and then there is the critical reading section that test the students’ ability to read and analyze different types of passage that talks about different subjects such as “natural sciences”, “humanities”, “social science”, “literary fiction”, and “personal narrative”. SAT has always been considered an essential way for colleges to learn about the students’ performance and level of success at high school; however, there have been many controversies regarding the fairness of the test. While many still believe in the effectiveness of the SAT and think that the poor performances have resulted in the lazy attitude of the students, others think it is also because of the external reason other than the students themselves. In the increasingly competitive society, standardized tests like the SAT are believed to be the first crucial step in society for your adults. However, the SAT across the nation puts many students at an unfair situation because of their different economic backgrounds since they usually live and study in a poorer environment, cannot have as many academic opportunities as the richer students, and have more stress than other students.


People often follow the authentic ideas and believe in it without a doubt but never think about whether the ideas are right or wrong. The same problem happens when it comes to the issue of education. People tend to believe and follow what others do since they do not want their children to fall behind. Just like the SAT, as more and more people believe in the credibility and the promotion ETS has made, and blindly assume that SAT is the major way to exam students’ ability. People should stand outside the misconception about the perfectness of SAT and critically think about the flaws and disadvantage that the exam has put students into. It gives students distress by allowing only a few students to be able to afford tutors and providing unfair opportunities.

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