Jane’s Walk– Jewels in the Crown

My walk is called the Jewels in the Crown, which is a metaphor for the old valleys hidden in the busy New York City. In my walk, we took on an adventure to discover the different buildings, blocks, and streets with long history and story.

There are a lot of people with these suits and hats around the neighborhood we were walking.

Before we went on our trip, the host explained the purpose and route of our walk.

This is an old Senegal. During the old time, Senegal used to be sexism, only allowing men and when women and men meet, the women must wear things to cover their face.

This is an old market that has established for a long time.

The bricks on this building are from a long time ago with lots of history.

Just across the street of the old- bricks building, a line of newer buildings were made, forming a contrast in the same valley.

These are oil foiled paper.

The surrounding environment.

We were observing the different buildings and listening to the host to introduce the history to us.

We were discussing the building we saw.

This is an old valley.

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