Int. Studio Book

This is the cover of my book. For my book, I want to introduce to people how SAT exam was evolved and what advantage and disadvantage the exam has. It shows how students are stressed and overwhelmed by the amount of pressure and work they get from preparing for SAT. This is the first page of […]

Int. Seminar Intro and Conclusion

Introduction: SAT is a standardized test for high school students to take as a justification of their academic ability. Many colleges exam the scores and evacuate the applicants’ abilities. The SAT focus on four different sections within three categories: the math category that contains calculator and non-calculator sections; the writing section that test students ability […]

Talking Notes and Bibliography

Talking Points Context: —the sign that says words in different language shows different culture. — the boy is covered with brown sugar — contemporary art. — Slave labor Author: — African American artist — create works to explore race, gender and so on. — background information — the era of the author — critic Quote: […]

Annotated Bibliography

Cindy Biao Annotated Bibliography Brody, Jay. How to survive the SAT (and ACT): by hundreds of top-scoring students. Atlanta,               GA: Hundreds of Heads Books, 2007. This article summarizes the experiences from many top scores SAT students. It talks about how they prepare for the SAT and what are the […]

Int. Studio II Scavenger Hunt

I went to the Empire State Building and ask the front desk if I can ask some questions to the Kaplan International English. Unfortunately, Kaplan is unavailable that day. The surrounding was dark with dim light and there were a lot of people. I went to this high school to learn about their ways of tutoring […]