Time: Final Learning Protfolio Post

Animation: The main character in my animation is a duck and the story is about how the duck gets on an adventure, experiences failure, and then succeed. My video is inspired by the quotation “Life is dear to every living thing; the worm that crawls upon the ground will struggle for it” from “Twelve Years […]

Int. Studio & Seminar 1: Bridge Project 4 – Integrated People & Places 2

Video   Sketches, Notes & Pictures Coco Chanel: Point of view angle— blank then opens eyes— looking at the ceiling. Film the legs— walking Get on car Legs– walking on the street( different street scene) — holding flower Sit-down Taking notes— type-writer Clock— calendar Coffee  Ending— Walking on the street—crush into each other— black Black […]

Seminar Final Post– First-Semester Reflection

First Semester Refelction Bio: My name is Cindy Biao and my major is Strategic and Design Management. I have always wanted to study this major because I am interested in both business and fashion, and this major is the perfect combination of these two fields. Summary: Throughout the semester, I experienced and completed art through […]