Enhanced Object

In order to enhance my object, I chose to focus on improving the efficiency of its function.  To make the epi-pen trainer more efficient in its education purpose, the shroud piece could be made of partially or fully transparent plastic.  For the prototype I disassembled and reassembled the original trainer, and wrapped its internal parts in an outer covering consisting of clear PVC plastic.  The text sticker would be redesigned and reconfigured, with the steps being depicted on the area of the pen which they are most relevant to in terms of placement and function.  This is represented on the prototype by the yellow stickers, with the numbers indicating which corresponding step would be depicted in the relevant area.  These two enhancements to the original epi-pen trainer’s construction will encourage the user to become more familiar with the product, bolstering the root intention to develop a level of comfort between the user and the use.

While the goal of my project was not to focus on sustainability, in a hypothetical scenario in which sustainability was considered, the model could be created with the science of biodegradable plastic derived from chicken feathers.



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