Derive – 1rst draft

The derive in the Jardin des Tuileries, raised a sense of curiosity related to Guy Debord’s work. I researched his work and watched La Société du Spectacle (, the work he is most famous for. Following my research, I decided to focus on two themes: Time and Rebellion. After all, they are major themes in Debord’s work and were very present in my own.

I was displaying time by using a 8mm camera filter to film my images and by having an old poem ( Le Bateau Ivre d’ Arthur Rimbaud) sang by Fanny Ardant playing. Rebellion is noticed in my action in the short film (not following indication, turning my back to the fountain, etc.). The childish tone of the last half of the video mixes both themes and shows a silenced voice and a innocent young spirit at once.

Click here to watch the draft of my up coming work:

The feedback I received was very constructive. Some said the video was to long (especially in the beginning), I do agree it is too long and I plan on making it shorter and more captivating. They liked the interactions, shots like the MA and my fingers running on the side of the bench. The ending scene, where you discover my face, was appreciated too. Briefly, it was described as long, authentic, intense and personal.

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