A Day in Coney Island: Photos of locals

This is Synthia, with a ‘S’. She is a Brooklyn based artists that love using colors. She always kinda knew she wanted to do art but pursued magic first. Her grandmother was also an artist in the 70’s and enjoyed painting flowers. She shows how passionate she is about art through her pieces.

Quote: “My Grandmother painted depressing florals”

This stylish local is Nabil. He is a brooklynite that enjoys going to Coney Island with his friends. HeĀ  has a very friendly personality.

This cute fashionable couple was strolling through Coney Island when I approached them. They are really pleasant and PHOTOGENIC!

Quote: “I am not photogenic”

This is Dylan Lee. He came to Coney Island to spend time with his mother and sister who were just coming to New York.

Quote: “Add me on Instagram”

These photos are of a passionate and dedicated bodybuilder.

Quote: ” Body weight training, too strong”


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