New Technique!!


Filters: I’ve found using filters are the easiest and most fun for me since I’m actually exploring my camera. I changed the settings in my camera, changing to warm color changes for the second photo. For the first one I simply change my settings to monochrome. This was my first time doing so and I feel very intrigued afterwards, to use filters much more.

Bulb setting: In these images my shutter was on Bulb, which was my first time experimenting in this setting. The ISO was on 100 and aperture was  F 4.0, which was the lowest they could go. The first image shows the failed attempt since I was zoomed in but the second image turned out better. I used this technique after seeing the demonstration in class because it was very appealing and I would like to practice using it more.

Overexposure with filter: In this photo I experimented with exposure, by overexposing the image while with the monochrome filter. The image didn’t exactly turn out the way I  imagined. However I am going to try this technique, somewhere with less light exposure.

Zoom and Aperture: In these images, I experimented with zoom and aperture. For both images I had the aperature at f4.5 while zooming in to frame the photos. I also had ISO at 100 to limit the light exposure.

Shutter and filters: In this image I had a fast shutter speed while using a warm filter. I wanted to capture the subject in motion, or in other word freezing her in mid air. I capture the photo exactly where I wanted her.

Shutter and Zoom: This photo was taken with my shutter on bulb, while I was zooming in and out.  I am not quiet secure on using this technique but will try using it again. 

Underexposure: This image was taken while being under exposed and  using a slow shutter speed. The image didn’t come out clear since I wasn’t so still while holding my breath. The ISO was high, giving the image an ominous feeling to it.


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