Reflection: Two essays by Tony Hiss and R. Murray Schafer

What did you get out of the reading? Why do you think I had you read these pieces?

After reading these two essays I felt as if I was obligated to being aware  of everything. I had a duty to take it upon myself to understand my surroundings .  Before reading these essays I never really appreciated my everyday walk on the street or even the uniques sounds of the city . However, I understand Tony Hiss point in which we don’t take notice or appreciate things until something unusual or out of the ordinary happens.  I believe my professor Amy Finkel allowed my class to read this to not only see life and capture it through our camera lenses but to also become even more aware of the everything including everyday sounds.

How do one trigger the sense of wonder that Hiss describes as essential to ‘deep travel’?

According to Hiss , certain events triggers deep travel . The sense of wonder, according to Hiss, happens less frequently in adults. Children are overwhelmingly curious the younger they are. In order to activate the sense of wonder or deep travel, one would have to become aware and see something out of the ordinary, something bizarre.

How might you do this when you’re photographing during this program?”

Since reading these two essays I try to become more aware of the story I try to capture through my lens . While photographing during this program I will try and capture the unseen bringing awareness to viewers.

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