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One Subject Many Projects Final: A Bait Tree

“I am studying future archeology because I want to find out how future weapons work in order to understand what future war scenarios look like

As our technology, human population and efficiency rapidly increases, we will sometime in the near future find that most of the so-called Old Nature, such as wild rivers, wild animals etc.,  is enclosed in habitats – such as zoos, parks, gardens etc.

While this may sound scary, it is important to remember that “wild nature” is no longer needed in the future.

Efficiency is so high that basic human survival is easily taken care of. Everybody gets food, everybody is entertained and kept alive. It is not as dark as it may seem. Only the bare necessities are being grown: One type of potato, one type of carrot, one type of apples etc. All other plants are considered inefficient.

But – as I noted earlier – while this human/cultural development has been going on, the natural evolution has also steadily increased in efficiency (just as Darwin described it).

The trees, plants etc., have at a surprisingly rapid pace adjusted to this new environment.

Mobility of the plants has increased; the seeds suddenly reach much farther distances than they used to, the bees fly further away, even the leaves fall faster. The pace of nature is keeping up with the humans.

And this, in turn, creates problems for the humans.

As the mobility of the plants have rapidly increased, trees and plants from the Old Nature are designated as invasive species that ought to be terminated. Unusable trees and plants invade private spaces, just like ants, rats or mice in our contemporary world. You don’t notice it but suddenly small seeds of plants have come through tiny holes in the ventilation system, or grown through the floor, small plants emerge in your living room, bedroom, kitchen and even more important rooms such as server rooms etc.

In the year 2500 this has come so far that war has been declared. A war on all inefficient/invasive plants. It does not seem like a violent war (but it is).

Prisoners are being taken. Traps are being set up.

All of our theories point in this direction. This tree is a prisoner of war. It is being used as bait for seeds and other trees.

Trees live in colonies. They colonize areas. If one tree is in a place, it attracts other trees. This is not magic; nor is it a sign of conscious intelligence; it is Old Nature biology, ancient as Earth itself.

The military is using this tree as bait using simple methods of amplifying the already existing signals of the tree. The small sensor senses the movement of the tree and modulates the sine wave, which is playing from the little box. Every time the tree does something, it is monitored and amplified by the box. The sound waves from the box interfere with the waves of the wind in which the seeds travel. The seeds are in some way, that we do not yet understand, in contact with this tree. So they will naturally be attracted to the sound. Thereby all the seeds from the nearby areas will assemble in this room and can easily be destroyed by the soldiers on guard. This way the future society will quickly, efficiently and relatively inexpensively be able to destroy the biodiversity in the area.







A tool for detecting ghosts

This tool is intended to be used by the last human on Earth. The tool should be used to detect electromagnetic fields.

Electromagnetic field detection have long been associated with ghost hunting. This has been tradition for as long as electronic history has been recorded. The tool is detecting electromagnetic fields, and since electromagnetic fields are associated with the existence of ghosts, the tool practically works as a ghost detector.

To use the tool, the last human must turn the aluminum wire around in the device. This movement must be at a constant speed. While the last human is doing this, the tool’s antenna should be pointed toward the area of interest (where there is a possibility of ghosts). If any electromagnetic field, and thereby possibly ghosts, is present, it will be registered in the tool.

Since all digital devices have been dormant and inaccessible for a long time, all digital content is now in a ghost state of being neither dead nor alive. The last human must use this tool in order to detect these ghosts. Whenever the last human enters an area with ghosts, the last human will be aware and extra careful.

Information and data is buzzing all around; the constant stream of memories of a thousand years or more are overwhelming;

So many ghosts, and the last human just needs peace.

foto 3 (6)

foto 1 (5)

foto 2 (7)

The tool’s antenna pointed toward an area of interest.



A tool for farming and cultivating lindworms for the last human on Earth.

This tool is intended to be used by the last human on Earth. The tool should be used as a wearable wristband worm farm.

The tool is a wristband that the last human will wear at all times.

The plastic container is attached to the wristband via a magnet. The container can easily be taken off if needed.

When the last human is traveling, it is easy to quickly collect lindworms found on the ground. The last human takes the container off of the wristband and puts the lindworms into it. In the wristband worm farm, the last human can cultivate and keep the worms until they reach an edible state.

Lindworms, as one of the few surviving animal species, are an important nutrient for the last human. They are edible, easy to cultivate and easy to keep alive.


foto 3 (6)

The wristband as worn by the last human

foto 1 (6)

The lindworms inside the container

foto 4 (4)

The two parts of the wristband worm farm


An astrological tool for measuring the emotional states of the last human on Earth.

This tool is intended to be used by the last human on Earth. The tool should be used as a measuring tool of the emotional state of the last human.

In order to use the tool, the last human must stick the tool into the soft ground. The last human should find the Sun by looking through the dark looking-glass, and then position the tool in accordance with the Sun. This is the first step.

The wheel on the head of the tool shows eight distinctive body postures (commonly known as the “the eight body postures”) as small icons. The last human will turn the wheel until it finds the body posture that is closest to the one which inhabits the last human’s body at the current moment. The chosen icon should be placed nearest to the top. This is the second step.

The last human can now read the data from the tool by looking at the shadow of the tool (cast by the Sun) and the icon at the top. This information is enough to calculate the current emotional state.

A few examples:

1) Body posture left shoulder slightly tilted to the right side and shadow in a 45 degree angle: Emotion = distressed, alarmed by the rising temperature. Shelter-seeking. Desperate.

2) Body posture right hand on face, face leaning into hand and shadow in a 180 degree angle: Emotion = Worried but well. A deep, calm feeling. Obliged to worry, but does not sense it. Food is at hand.

This entire system is well known to the last human. Even though the many books written on the subject are all gone now, it is easy for the last human to remember the most important combinations.


foto 1 (6)

The tool seen from front.

foto 2 (7)

The tool seen from the side.

foto 2 (8)

The tool’s head seen close up, showing “The eight body postures”.

foto 4 (4)

The bottom of the tool is a spike, in order to easily set up the tool anywhere.

foto (11)

Through the dark glass it is possible to look at very strong light sources, but it is also used as a mirror (as seen in the eye that is mirrored).

In this picture it is a light bulb, but the device should be pointed toward the Sun, as light bulbs are too irregular points of measure.


This tool is intended to be used by the last human on Earth. The tool should be used as a prosthetic mask.

The last human will wear the prosthetic mask at all times. It is a necessary artificial addition to the last human’s face.

The prosthesis is a three-dimensional rendering of a four-dimensional object. The four-dimensional object is the last human’s face in four dimensions. The prosthesis is extrapolating the three-dimensional face of the last human, and thereby creating a projected version of the four-dimensional face.

Although the last human perceives primarily in three dimensions (as all humans before also have), the last human is in dire need of connection to the fourth dimension. This is not metaphysical or spiritual in any way: it is not implicating time travel, portals or multiverses. The last human is not interested in speculative sci-fi dreams. It is a strictly geometrical and physical description of the fourth dimension.

All humans understand the difference between one, two and three dimensions, easily exemplified as the difference between the line, the square and the cube. This is necessary knowledge for all humans before the last human. In a similar manner, it is imperative for the last human to be in touch with, at a very basic level, the difference between the third and the fourth dimension. It is a fundamental necessity in order to be able to grasp the reality of the landscape in which the last human dwells.

(from time to time, the last human feels almost two-dimensional; ever since the last skyscraper had crumbled into dust and the tall trees had fallen, what was remaining of the Earth had become very flat)


foto (11)


The prosthesis seen from front

foto 1 (7)


The prosthesis seen from the side


The prosthesis as worn by the last human.


This tool is intended to be used by the last human on Earth. The tool should be used as a prison for sleeping.

The prison is made of plastic. Onto the plastic there is painted a large star in bright green color. This is for camouflage. The prison blends surprisingly well with the bare, deserted landscape that surrounds it.

There is attached a bell to each of the prison’s four corners. This is a security measure: if the prisoner moves, the bells will ring and thereby alarm the guard.
The last human is both the prisoner and the guard in this prison.

The last human feels great comfort in upholding some of humankind’s most important institutions, including the prison. Therefore, a prison in the form of a tent is the best place for the last human to rest.

foto 3 (5)

The prison tent can be inhabited by 1 person (prisoner and guard)

foto 4 (4)

The prison is marked with a clear green star.

foto 1 (5)

Onto each corner of the prison there is attached a bell. This is to notify the guard if the prisoner is moving or trying to escape.

foto 3 (6)

The prison is painted in such a way that it blends surprisingly well with the surroundings.


This tool is intended to be used by the last human on Earth. The tool should be used to mark a path.

The last human is definitively lost, but the last human can use the tool to create paths as well as designate an area of interest. If there is a certain place that the last human feels it is important to remember and to be able to easily find again, the last human can use the tool for that purpose.

Since the ground is always soft (even concrete is melting in the burning heat from the Sun), the last human can easily imprint temporary marks in the ground.

The last human knows that it can not have a territory. The last human knows that space can not be owned by anyone. The last human knows that private property is an illusion (that is old news for the last human). The last human is a nomad with a desire to settle.

The last human wants to claim space temporarily. This tool is for that purpose.

foto 2 (4)

foto 2 (6)

The flag with the stamp of the guiding star in clay and honey.

foto 3 (4)

The last human is ready to stamp the ground with the wooden star at the bottom of the tool.

foto 4 (3)

The gravel, the ruins, the melted concrete can easily be stamped. A path is marked.


An oracle-tool for the last human being on Earth.

This tool is intended to be used by the last human on Earth. The tool should be used as an oracle.

The last human can ask the tool questions, and the tool will answer the last human when the last human presses the button on the tool’s head.

The answer will be in the form of a liquid. The liquid will pour into the hand of the last human. The liquid will slowly be internalized into the last human through slow movement via tiny holes in the skin of the last human (pores).

There is no need for the last human to consciously “understand” or “read” something from the liquid, since the liquid will be internalized and become part of the last human’s body. That is more than enough understanding.

The liquid is called “advice”. It is a green substance made from a mix of spirulina and water.

The liquid “advice” has many qualities. It has a high amount of protein, it cleans the air by removing carbon dioxide, as well as it creates oxygen (source). It has a dark green color and can be absorbed through the skin at a normal rate (like water).

The last human will feel comfort in the advice from the tool; The last human will understand and move further.

foto 2 (4) kopi


foto 2 (4)


The oracle tool is ready to be used.


foto 3 (3)


The last human sprays “advice” onto its hand.


foto 5 (3)


The “advice” will slowly be absorbed by the skin of the last human.