July 19th 2018

1-2 length paragraph of 2nd project: Museum Traveling (temporary name)   Its the year 4057 and the world is going through an environmental crisis. The carbon emission levels reached unimaginable heights, and due to this, the government decided to cut most carbon emitters; we are going through an environmental cleanse. This meant nobody can travel  […]

July 18th 2018

My final revised prototype: I will either project a painting in my 3D prototype, with partial carvings of the painting, or use a green scree. I might build a ticket booth as well. I am thinking to use thin wood to construct the “diorama ” or “frame”, along with the carvings.  

July 17 2018

The start of project 2 In my first idea, the future earth has had a carbon release crisis. Therefore transportation like cars, plains, and trains can no longer be used, as a method of reverting the damage. This means, no traveling to places around the world. Due to I have come up with a way […]