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Pattern Play in Illustrator

F17_DI_SSt_Auciello_Brittany_PatternValTrans01-27n1zx1 F17_DI_SSt_Auciello_Brittany_PatternValTrans02-1p5jo06 F17_DI_SSt_Auciello_Brittany_PatternValTrans03-266lvp3 F17_DI_SSt_Auciello_Brittany_PatternReflection-2guv9qr F17_DI_SSt_LastName_First_PatternRotation-w70ba9 _DI_SSt_Auciello_Brittany_Pattern01(01)-1r7o8fv _DI_SSt_Auciello_Brittany_Pattern01(02)-2a6nl75 PatternPlay-1gpo9nx

Bridge 1: Artifact

My artifact is a pair of pointe shoes. I chose to collage and add personal meaning to the shoes in…

Memory Reflection

At the beginning of this activity I began to think of a place that would be suitable for this project.…
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