Poster Project Inspiration and Ideas

Poster Project Inspiration and Ideas

Mission Statement: I am very in touch with my inner child to where I often struggle with feeling shame and wishing to suppress it because it’s “wrong”. I need to act my age. To my rescue, personal Idol and Moon Goddess, Tina Fey has shown me in her T.V. shows, 30 Rock and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, to harness one’s own authenticity and flare.

For my poster I want to unleash my childish personality and interests to allow myself to speak freely, channel my honest creativity, while also communicating to other “kidults” and children.

Topic Ideas: 

Barbie- dont hate (?)

  • A documentary recently came out about her, Tiny Shoulders:Rethinking Barbie.  Barbie is heavily debated whether she is a good or toxic role model for little girls. Barbie also challenges ideas of feminism. Is barbie a feminist? Or should she be banned with all the other old fashioned and offensive ideals and expectations projected onto women.


Mermaids are real

  • Some sort of propaganda revealing that mermaids are real. Maybe it could be more fun- like a kid’s perspective of it being a truth. I don’t want to take the Discovery Channel approach. Something fun and campy. Or it could be a picture of women obviously in mermaid costume. Instead of proving real mermaids are real- maybe showing real women being mermaids.

sugar is healthy

  • I wait every single day for a study to come out about sugar being the new fat. Its actually healthy! Instead of it being known as white death. I understand that its awful for you but I would want to do a poster of it saying how its good. Wouldn’t that be the best? Yay sugar is healthy! They say you should eat the rainbow to have a healthy balanced diet- I could write something like that and have a picture of fruit loops or gummy bears or something. 




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