Silhouette Study Garment

Making my silhouette story garment ended up being easier than I had originally thought. I patterned one of my own shirts, which didn’t take long, but I had to edit it a bit. I sliced off some of the pattern along the center line, and used a sleeve from a different shirt to both make a sleeve pattern, and make the sleeve hole on my pattern bigger. I also added a dart right by the bust, and on the bottom on both the front and back pattern pieces since the original shirt I used to make the patterns was somewhat baggy. To make the curved, layered pieces on my jacket, I sketched a pattern in the shape I wanted, and traced it to make 3 differently sized patterns that still looked alike. I took two fabric pieces for each of one, sewed them together on the three outer sides, turned these pieces right side out, and sewed them into the next two pieces, repeating the process of sewing three sides and sticking it into the next layer. I learned this is a great way to attach pattern pieces together, and I doing this 6 times allowed me to practice this technique, which I’m very new at. When I make the final piece, I will keep this strategy in mind, whether or not I use the same pattern for my final as I did for the silhouette study. Making this garment was challenging at some points, but unlike anything i’ve ever made, and really helped me develop my design and sewing skills.

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