Sound Walk NYC

Upon starting the audio tour I was unsure how it would work and how the experience would be but after realizing that it was made very specifically. It almost felt like someone was watching your every move and knew what you were going to be doing. I enjoyed the experience because it felt like you were being personally talked to and they were guiding you ever move through the experience. It felt very immersive to be in the moment and have been told personal stories that relate to the site that you would never have known. I liked how I could only hear the audio and see the buildings around and that the sounds happening around me were almost muted. The reality I lived in felt fake and I felt like I was on a private tour in an artificial reality because everything was so planned. I also find it interesting to compare when the recording was made to now because even though its a recent recording a lot has changed. Some of the landmarks have changed and at one spot where we were told to look into a window to find a staircase that didn’t exist any more so it made that part of the tour completely irrelevant. Thinking about how quick everything changes and develops.

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