Mid Semester Self Evaluation

In all my classes so far I think that it is going very well, I have been able to meet all the deadlines that have been set so far in the mid semester. I have been able to do this without that much pressure and felt like that I have turned in pretty good assignments every time that I have turned something in. Due to some of my previous experience in highschool taking IB art and design technology this has made it slightly easier in some of my courses because I have had some experience working with a lot of different materials including metal, wood, plastics so this had made the space and materiality much easier as I have previous experience. With IB art I have experimented with a bunch of different forms of art so it has made it more straight forward to work on some of my studio as well as drawing and imaging projects as I have had prior experience. I think the workload for each of these classes is different because most of the homework that I get assigned isn’t very direct.


A Lot of the work that I get is mainly projects and hands on work so the amount of work and type of work Im doing is very different compared to in high school where a lot of homework wasnt project based but rather essays or reading. Because of this i have realized that I need to start doing my homework assignments much earlier or else I might not get them done on time because they take much longer to do and need specific environments to do them in or else you won’t be able to successfully do them. Overall however I really like how im feeling in all of my classes and all the projects that I am doing as well I am enjoying them a lot because I feel like that challenge me creatively and push me to do something outside of the box and different from all of my classmates. I enjoy doing this and feel like this is the right environment for me to be in. I belive the classes that I tend to struggle with and have less passion towards are the more liberal arts classes because they push more towards essay writing and traditional forms of teaching rather than project and assignment based hands on work. Although I don’t find essay writing hard I tend to leave it to the last minuet more and don’t focus and priorities on that kind of work. I realize that is what I need to work on so that I can be a more well rounded student and achieve success in all aspects of my studies to then allow me to do better in the future when I need to mix in essay writing with projects. Overall however I enjoy everything that I am doing and see myself making slow improvements from the beginning of the year after settling down and settling in to the new city, new environment, new teachers and almost everything being new to me. I am excited for the future and what my classes will bring to me in the next weeks and challenging myself to explore things that I haven’t tried before to push myself and help improve my skill set to make me more versatile.


I feel personally that I am doing well, I haven’t had to stay up too late any nights to complete projects and I have managed to do some very successful assignments so I feel that myself is doing well but I know that I can do better and achieve more so I am gonna push to try and challenge myself so that I can then be better and do better work in the future.


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