Bridge Project 2 Final Documentation

Initially we started out with discussing what were the senses that we felt were most prominent when both walking to the park as well as sitting with our eyes closed. This lead us to 3 senses, Sight, Hearing and Touch. I remembered being at a cross street and the sun just beaming across and almost blindingly strong, then being covered by a building where there was almost no light. The contrast in the brightness and darkness led me to the creation of the two images.

After creating these a sense of touch was evoked in the photographs, a cool feeling and a warm feeling. Trying to then recreate that we decided to replicated a cold breeze coming across one side of the person that would match the blue photo and a warm sun beam striking you skin on the other matching the warmer photo. To create the sense of touch we initially wanted to use a small fan and a hairdryer. However the fan broke and wouldn’t work so the alternative was a hand fan and a hairdryer. I felt that these effectively created the contrast in temperatures we were trying to achieve and almost over exaggerated the sense of touch.


After that the final element to our project was the sound. We felt that the sound surrounded us and that there were certain moments were it was especially loud and that some sounds drowned out other so putting emphasis on some sounds rather than others at times help really show that sounds can be more dominant and drown out the other sounds. We also felt that the sound of construction was very present when sitting in the park so we wanted that to be one emphasis in the audio file.


Brining all three of these elements together, Visual, Audio and Temperature allowed us to create a complex environment and allowed the user to almost feel as if they were in Washington Square Park. I feel like the different elements we had also worked well together to achieve what we initially wanted the project to look, feel and sound like.

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