Anthropocene Journal: Response to “This Changes Everything”


Response to Questions

What were the historical conditions that led to the Marshall Plan?

The war led to the the formation of the Marshall Plan to help rebuild Europe and completely change the way society was. The us was doing much better than they were at the end of the war so by funding them to help rebuild it allowed for their economies to not collapse and continue functioning as a government as well as a country.


What were some of the economic and political motives involved?

This was done to create friendship and alliances across Europe because the us had tensions with other asian countries at the time so it was a political move to help get the europeans on their side. Economically it could’ve been treated like a favor and that if the us ever needed some money to help rebuild one of its cities then Europe will be sure to return the offer the us gave them back in the day.


Draw a comparison to some of those and today’s political and economic conditions.

Climate Change is occurring today due to systems and infrastructure that has been in place for a long time. But similar to Europe it might be necessary to destroy everything and rebuild everything more sustainably and to do that it would take lots of money and donations from a lot of different countries. This could be the only way to tackle climate change if it keeps growing at this exponential rate.


Draw up a Marshall Plan for the Earth. What elements would it include? Who would be involved? How would decisions be made? How might this help us write a new story for the climate?


You would need to take the most polluting countries all over the world and estimate how much it would cost to rebuild them completely and create all new environmentally friendly systems within the countries by asking other countries to lend money to help save the world. Because we are all inhabitants of the world and share the earth some countries cannot be selfish and force the rest of the world to clean up their mess. It needs to be cooperative and everyone needs to work together. Even possibly destroying all countries and making us one people all under 1 set of laws with 1 currency to help really control and make sure things go the way we want them to be planned.


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