Drawing and Imaging Project 1: My Things

The 8 items that I first made contact with in the morning were: My Notebook, A La Croix Can, Birkenstocks, Toilet Paper, An Apple Watch, 1 Dollar Bills, My Iphone and my Iphone Charger. I decided to depict the difference between meaningful and not through the amount of the objects depicted. I did this to show that the less meaningful objects I go through more frequently and they’re disposable they come and go and I don’t create any attachments to one of the items. However the items that I care about I create meaningful attachments to them and tend to go through them much slower and keep them for longer. I also have made them larger to focus on the specific aspects of the object and the details in the object. Using this to contrast the objects helps create a successful idea of the different categories but also allows you to understand the rate of use between the different objects. I have also drawn the less meaningful objects in less detail and more simply while focusing more on detail for the objects that I care about. Doing these creates many different elements to help the viewer distinguish between what objects I care more and less about.

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