5 pictures for july 11


I used a low ISO (125). I tried to use 100 but it just kept coming out too dark. I used a low shutter speed (1/60). I also used an f-stop of 3.2 (I am almost positive). I took this picture outside of the market across from my dorm.


I put my camera in monochrome and took the picture over one second. I zoomed out on her face, then zoomed in a half a second later.


I stood outside of the subway steps in union square near 16th and took a few photos of people walking down and onto the steps. I used a higher ISO (500) and set my camera to monochrome. My f-stop was at 3.5 and my shutter speed was at 1/500 (I believe).

I took a picture of my friend Nick in my dorm room with the flash on his phone. I used the bulb setting and held it down for maybe five seconds and then let it up.


I walked into a store and a man was painting portraits for $30. I asked to take a photo of him and he said yes. The settings were the same as the subway.

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