To be an artist: ah, what a wonderful concept. I would compare artists to children in a sense that their imaginations are everlasting. Artists would be nothing without their imaginations. What a crazy and sad world it would be without imagination. The term introduced in the article known as “deep travel” is such an interesting concept. An effort to push past societal norms, dig deeper than before, and learn all there is to learn. The concept is creates change, sometimes needed and sometimes unneeded. Regular travel is such a blessing on its own. Without regular travel, I would not be on this earth. My grandparents would never have come to this country, my parents never would have met, and I would most definitely not be here.

This reading really made me think. What would the world be like today without deep travel or imagination or sight or wonder? Bland and overly original, and the thought alone scares me. I can’t fathom a world without creativity. I think this reading was assigned to do what I did: think–to give us a different view on things like wonder and how it dies out eventually and how there is really nothing we can do about it. As we grow, we learn things. And as we learn things our innocence slowly dies. This is inevitable. It’s not like you can go through your life without learning. With no learning, there would be no creativity. And as I stated, without creativity, the world would be an unsalted cracker.

I think deep travel can be triggered anytime you want to trigger it. As long as there is a push to exceed the norm, you should have no problem access the concept of deep travel. This is a broad concept, and I think that everyone has their own unique way of reaching it. I think I trigger this by doing things that I love: reading, writing, photographing, hanging out with people that I love. By accessing things that I enjoy, I can create a portal for deep travel and delve into the far corners of my brain easily.

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