coney island


“I was born in the South of Italy, but I live in the Netherlands. Enjoy the day! Ciao bella!”


“Tell your teacher to look at the books! I’ve been here twenty years already!” (Italy)


“I’m from Portugal. I am a model; I’m shooting for a brand called proper clothes–right now actually!”


“I’m from Cuba. Would you like to play chess? I’ve been in New York since 1980. I like it here because it is the capital of the world…. what do I get out of this? can you buy me a coffee or give me a few dollars?”

A rainbow lollipop? On Coney Island? Never heard of her.

Finding Nemo on the boardwalk.


“I am from Israel. I speak English little! What you say?”

Seren and Milan take on the unexpectedly breezy Coney Island.

“You want to use a camera to take a picture of a camera?”

Today was very interesting and fun. First, it was my first time in Coney Island. I didn’t really know what to expect but I can’t say I was let down. There was such a diverse pool of people there. I had so much fun going up to people of and asking to take their photo. Having conversations with them was very interesting. Everyone had a different story and place and reason. I didn’t meet one person who was originally from the United States. This is something I have never experienced before where I am from, so having that today was very cool.

I don’t really know if there is a theme. I wanted to kind of do different things. I feel like it is hard to develop a theme when photographing strangers because you never know what you’re going to get. Unlike a planned shoot, strangers can be unpredictable–especially when you want to capture candid pictures. When you say “act normal” or “just keep doing what you’re doing” they freeze up and act in a completely different way. I didn’t tell them what I was looking for today, all I asked was if I could take their picture, and whatever they gave me I took. I guess the theme to these photos is unpredictability. You take what you get and you don’t throw a fit.

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