Bridge 5: Relfection

My name is Sarah Chaltiel and I am currently a Strategic Design and Management major at Parsons. My interests in committing to Parsons and deciding to come here for college were that I really wanted to pursue a career in fashion, but the business side of fashion such as merchandising and marketing. My views on work and life complement one another by having a balance between both. I believe that you should have a good balance between work and play. If you are too focused on work all the time, this can lead to being depressed and unhappy, but with a good balance between having fun in life and work this can lead to happiness. I believe that life drives work because to be able to enjoy a nice comfortable life, you need to be able to be working and earning a living. Bridge Project 1 has allowed me to engage more with my workview because I am not an artistic craftsy person, and this project challenged me with only being able to use 3 materials: cardboard, paper, and tape. This project really challenged me and although I had to redo and re-submit my project, it really made me think hard and expand my creative thinking senses. Engagement, energy, and joy are all topics that are significant in the learning process and creative process of all projects. Being engaged allows you to really bring yourself into the project physically and mentally and this leads to being energized and this ultimately leads to joy and happiness and being able to fully immerse yourself into the assignment or project and enjoying it to the full extent. I have learned a lot in integrated seminar and integrated studio within all of the bridge projects and they have all pushed me to explore my boundaries and go outside of my comfort zone. The fact that I am a “business” major and not a fine arts major really made me go outside of my box and explore projects on a more creative level. In Bridge 4, the theme for our group project was “honeymoon”. I can relate to this because the honeymoon phase is something that one goes through when they begin a relationship and everything is so perfect and lovey-dovey. I have personally experienced this with my own relationship I am in now, and I can now reflect on the beginning stages of our relationship and I now realize that the honeymoon phase was very much present. All of the bridge projects have been personal and have all related to me in some way, so this made it a lot easier for me to be engaged in the project and fully immerse myself.

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