Space and Materiality Final Posting

montage1 montageud1

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After coming to New York, I found myself surrounded by buildings. Cement and concrete were everywhere. Outside, I found very little spaces of comfort. Everything seemed cold and unwelcoming. Even in the park, the grass was sealed off, only providing cold hard benches to rest on. I wanted to create a tangible feeling of comfort within this city. By using rabbit fur and a very versatile sponge, I would create a set of swings for people to lay in and to swing around in. My favorite playground equipment is the swing and I find it extremely relaxing to lay there and feel the rocking and the gentle breeze. I found that New York City is also a very fast paced city. People seemingly don’t have time to walk slowly or to fully take in their surroundings. By creating the installation, I would hope that people could find a comfort zone to relax and destress in.

Drawing and Imaging Final: Sketchbook

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The deadline was my inspiration for this project. (HA HA) I don’t think it’s really successful since I don’t think it really serves a purpose since it’s just random blobs of paint with ink drawn over it. If I had more time, I would probably either change my entire sketchbook or even stick with the same idea but blown up to a larger scale and add more detailed drawings of what I see in the blobs. Not happy with this but it is what it is. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Integrative Studio: Memory






fullsizerender-63 fullsizerender-64

The collages and pieces I created for this class were all very interesting and different from what I usually do. I enjoyed going outside the box and drawing in weird ways like in the darkness of my room. Including senses aspect was also very interesting and new to me.

Project Bella

I wanted to do an animation since I didn’t feel anything special about the other sketches I did. Originally, I just wanted a Bella silhouette to stand with the wind gently blowing, but then I felt like I needed more, so I added the umbrella part since it was raining last week. Bella is usually silent and graceful, which are two characteristics I tried to focus in this animation. For me, the frame-by-frame animation part and drawing the frames so that they were spaced evenly time-wise were the challenging aspects of this project.

Sketchbook Project Reflection

The library of sketchbooks was very inspirational. I myself could never manage to maintain a single sketchbook; I would always draw on separate sheets of paper. Even if I did buy a sketchbook, I would use a couple sheets and get frustrated and forget about it. However, after looking at all these different sketchbooks, I realized could still continue to do my same routine and even to “collage” my sketches into a sketchbook. I plan on doing a very simple and minimalistic based sketchbook for my final project.