Integrative Studio 2: Visual Culture



For my window, I used my own drawing of a little doll-like person and placed her as a lone silhouette staring blankly outside. In the past, I have created a similar character but more human and leaning towards a Tim Burton style. They both have the same short brown hair, staring eyes, frowning mouth, plaid red scarf, and beige/ tan textured sweater.

I used Photoshop to draw out the girl and to place her behind the bars of the window. Her facial expression and stoic pose is mainly because she is unwilling to get involved with the outside world because of disinterest and that there is no point in doing so.

For my doll, I was mainly inspired by Tim Burton as well as Margaret Keane. Both of their art styles are very unique and both have wide, staring eyes in common. However, Keane’s eyes were more ‘glassy’ so I decided to use that aspect in my character. Overall, the meaning behind my window piece is open to interpretation.


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