Pre-production for Midterm


“What is Love”




My project will focus on animating one of the provided sound samples, “What is Love.” In this short audio clip, the narrator suggests certain objects and events that could be possible examples of what love could be. With this project, I want to tell a story within this seemingly simple sound. I don’t want a literal translation, so I decided to give the narrator a story of heartbreak. Halfway through the clip, he compares love to a conversation to which I will animate as him texting the love of his life, who doesn’t respond to his frantic messages. This act of rejection turns the narrator into a frantic rampage as he enters a state of depression and pours Chlorox bleach into his cereal as his “favorite brand” during his hearty breakfast. At the end, when the narrator says “Helllllll yeeaaahhhhh” everything turns red with fire and burns down into the dark abyss.

The style I want to go with this animation is more of a cartoonish, simplistic one. Although I make the characters simple shapes, I want them to be very dynamic with almost liquid like properties. In addition to being very squishy, their facial expressions will also vary from very expressive and complex to a very plain face.

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