Midterm Animation: LOVE IS DEAD


From my original storyboard, I changed a few aspects of it. Because he goes through the fruit, bread, and fruit and bread section very quickly, I didn’t want there to be too much of a action heavy animation because I thought it would be too overwhelming to watch. For the fruitful sales deal, since there were two voices responding to the question, I changed it so that there were the two devil/angel situation on his shoulders because I thought it was fitting. As for the end, he gets a spoonful of his favorite brand of bleach and pours it on his head. He then realizes how much he loves bleach, shoves everything else aside, grabs the bleach, and proceeds to shake it all onto himself in pure joy.

“What is love?

Love is dead.”


I originally wanted a more grotesque style, but I went along with the simplistic, meme-y style due to the humorous attitude of the narrator. As my story goes, the narrator tries very hard to define the word love by comparing it to fruit and bread. Interrupted by his phone, he frantically texts “I <3 YOU.” to his supposed crush, who ends up ignoring his expression of love. The narrator, despite the same light tone in his voice, turns to the dark side because they have his favorite brand of bleach. I decided to go with the lack of colors because I felt that, with so much happening, that it would have been distracting. In addition, I didn’t want to have to animate the entire thing frame by frame, so for certain parts (texting, shaking of bleach) I decided to go with only 2 frames going back and forth.


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