(Studio/ Seminar 3D) Project 4: Chickens in Context

What’s better than cannibalistic chickens?

A hot glue gun.


Hot glue guns are magical I don’t know why I didn’t  use them sooner they save so much time I literally spent an entire day gluing my sofa together with elmer’s glue and super glue and my arms hurt from holding the darned thing together until it dried and then my brain finally worked and decided I should buy a hot glue gun even though so many people have been telling me to buy one before and my brain was just like ‘no lol’ but now I have one I have seen the light and there will be no darkness ever again hot glue guns are my saviors even when I accidentally glued a popsicle stick to my hand and it dried super quickly cuz I had the window open and it was cold as hecking heck hot glue guns are man’s best friends and deserve only the best in their lives 


Some materials I used were: fabric I took from the recycling bins (now I can’t stop and have an entire bag full of scrap fabric someone help me), wood (I love sacrificing trees), popsicle sticks (s/o to Urja), free chopsticks, some leftover materials from previous projects, and the cardboard backing of like 5 drawing pads that I destroyed (sorry not sorry).


I inhaled a lot of fumes.


-The End-

JK. Here’s a Legit Process/ Blubbering Mess

My original idea was to make a cult of lil ol’ grannies sacrificing chickens. How the tables have (kinda) turned. I originally wanted the entire house to be completely sealed off and have there only be a small viewing window (haha punz) through two smol windows that could be opened and closed. Everything turned out larger than I anticipated (big oof). I tried making the chickens smaller to fit the scale of the house I had originally made out of cardboard, but in the end, I had to make everything bigger anyways.

Because I still had a pack of paper clay that I didn’t use, I wanted to use that instead of buying more materials. But the paper clay annoyed me so I abandoned it. Building the house was both interesting and annoying. Annoying because I needed to cut the wood, but I didn’t want to use the bandsaw and make it so neat so I used scissors. Now I’ve added another callous to my collection on my right hand: ring finger- writing, middle finger- painting, index- using scissors. (RULE OF THREES AMIRITE)

Also accidentally jammed my hand into the sharp side of the handsaw thing oops. Surprisingly, no splinters. Not surprisingly, almost dropped an Olfa knife onto my foot multiple times. Living life on the edge. 

Painting Pedro, Pedra, and the portrait was not fun. Grandma looks like a stoned potato. I’m more satisfied with how Pedro turned out. Pedra felt a little too rushed and consequently must be destroyed via a sacrificial ritual. I don’t think I clearly established Pedro and Pedra’s relationship with each other because I was so focused on our MVP, Grandma.

I didn’t want to reveal my idea because I wanted to see how people reacted. It’s amusing and more fun for me. A majority of people noticed the chicken ribs and the leg in Pedra’s hands (*ooo cannibalistic chickens,*) but only noticed it was grandma later, some with/ without me prodding them (*cue confused, panicked laughter*).


Overall, no regrets for sleeping at 4 am everyday for the past month. Could’ve been smarter with some parts earlier in this process, but you learn from making dumb choices. I also now have mild PTSD from inhaling nail polish fumes.