Week 3

09/14/2017 Class: Composition We watched some Composition pictures on the blog in the class, and we learn how to create a story in a drawing, and how to emphasise a main character which I want to show the most for audience.   This is my draft drawing. In this sketch, the main is an egg, […]

Week 2

We drew the light upped objects. There are High light and Low light aspects, and we especially concerned to draw shadow with simple lines. I couldn’t finish my drawing in the class, so I tried to do it as an assignment. ↑ This is the final drawing    


08/31/2017 Class: We learned about different kind of pencils and paper briefly, and we practiced to draw a straight line on drawing paper. It was interesting that even though, I tried to draw a straight line with correcting pencil grip, I can’t keep a consistent line weight. I think all I need is practice. So, […]