Bridge 3: Envisioning complexity

  • Primary source
    • The first source is my intern experience at the commune showroom and Kiki de Montparsse, where I see both wholesale, designer, and retail end.  I can get hands on experience with how things are run and what can be translated to affordable and ethical cuts.
    • The book: The fashion designer survival guide by Mary Gehlher.  This book is my baby and is the first book I read about fashion business and gave me the foundation to business in fashion industry.
  • Secondary sources
      • this is a site that explains the supply chain in fashion, and I personally chose this site because I use their app when I shop to see which stores and brands are sustainable and making an effort on the front of ethics.  Supreme is not.
      • this is one of the sites I drew from when researching civil and rights and labour atrocities by the fashion industry.  I am constantly looking for more research and insight into the industry issues and solutions, and this site was very informative.
      • this site explains sustaiblilty in fashion and gives a general sense of what the front is like and perceived as by actual designers, and I can see what not to do.
      • I can’t beat the fast fashion supply chain model if I don’t understand it, and this site gives a breakdown of the economics behind fast fast fashion and I can see which parts are causing these sustainable and ethical issues and which parts can be reapplied to a sustainable fashion model to make more affordable.  If you can’t beat them, join them, then take their shit.
  • Relevance
    • I like to keep a google docs of a running list of sites that I read over about sustainability, ethics business, fashion, and technology.  Here is the google docs
  • beyond context
    • My favorite movie: the cost of fashion was a major source of rage and inspiration.  It is one of the reasons I am here and trying to make fashion a better word
    • I posted earlier 5 pictures documents the issues of each step of the supply chain and that is enough pictures to illustrate pollution.
  • Questions
    • Is creating awareness enough to call one’s self part of the green movement?
    • Why is unethical fashion so accepted?
    • Why are clothes so cheap?
    • Are we the villains in the big scheme of things? and i think yes

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