DS1 Project 1 – Personal Presentation


Claire Coleman

What Makes Me “Me”


            My style as a designer and my personal style are closely tied, and while my personal style can vary from day to day, there are common ties that make it cohesive. I love the combination of strength and femininity—two traits that are not mutually exclusive, but are sometimes made to appear so in our society. To me, there is power in wearing a bold lipstick or high heels or an outfit that beautifully accentuates your body. With that in mind, my style is a combination of feminine, bold, whimsical, and artistic elements. I see fashion as almost a way to transform yourself into a living work of art; it’s a way to express your inner self, so I figure why not make it beautiful and creative.

            My inspirations as an artist are a big part of who I am, and I am always looking for creative endeavors that evoke emotion. When I am in a museum or listening to new music, I seek that special quality that makes me linger at a painting or add a song to my library, and this pushes me to have that effect on someone viewing my designs. I’ve always loved reading, and I have a great appreciation for writers that can create entire worlds and draw their readers into them, temporarily transporting them from reality. I also danced for most of my life, and I love its combination of strength and grace and emphasis on the body.

            I am fascinated with people and the way they live and love and feel and express. People are a crucial part of fashion because you must have someone in mind to wear your clothes and have an idea of how they think and how their bodies carry them through their lives because fashion is most successful when it can harmoniously interact with a life and body.

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