QUADC radiation drawing tool

This is a simple and ephemeral drawing application where every stroke you make on the page is affected by radiation, constantly eating away and degrading any effort to maintain consistency. It is impossible to store memory infinitely in the natural and even the digital world. It is time’s natural order to disassemble and fragment that which has been constructed.


The drawing tool is operated with a triple-axis gyro controller which you use to navigate. Selecting colors is easy! You navigate towards one of the three colors to the left and maintain focus/hover over them until the arange circle has made a full loop. This is put in to prevent accidental color selection. Later features will include more advanced options such as brush patterns, sizes, and drawing effects.
As you move your brush across the art board, it is slowly eaten up by “radiation” similar to how radiation affects electronics and especially film in cameras.

This is a very rough iteration on the finished idea and I expect to work on it further.


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