Pi-Security system

Johnny and I created a very simple raspberry pi motion activated security system.

Code can be found on our github repository.

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 1.12.30 AM

Parts required:
PIR motion sensor

Piezo buzzer

Raspberry Pi 2

The security system uses the GPIO, picamera, and email modules in order to operate. The security system must first be activated via terminal where the user will be prompted with a series of important preliminary questions such as their email user and password, whether they want sound activated, or if they want to receive email notifications. The owner can operate the security system remotely by sending their selves an email stating PiSecure-On or PiSecure-Off. The raspberry pi takes a picture whenever motion is detected and quickly sounds an alarm, takes a picture, and then alerts the owner via an email that an intruder has been detected. A picture is attached to help the owner identify the cause of activation.

Inputs: PIR, Email

Outputs: Email, Sound

If we had more time, we’d like to have created wireless motion sensor modules. The wireless modules would include an arduino, PIR motion sensor, and an Xbee for communication. This could be setup in any location, provided power is supplied. The raspberry pi would have a receiving Xbee module and be connected to the internet so the owner could interact with the security system via email.


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