Lee Marchalonis

Lee_yes butlee_images_ybTitles
yes, but, 2012, Linocut, hand-set metal type artist book, 9 x 10 inches open
texts by Amerlia Bird and Alison K. Greene
images, design, production and tesxts by Lee Marchalonis

From the book’s introduction: yes, but in which the artist recommends a series of specimens illuminating the unfortunate and unfashionable circumstances of their capture and subsequent display, presented alongside texts of a personal nature on parallel themes, intended to result in a serendipitous collection for pleasurable perusal, & printed using anachronistic methods and devices

From the book’s afterward: Walking through that museum is like walking through a temple. The lighting is dim, directed. All those glass eyes pointing towards you. Everything is just so. Each bird is carefully arranged on its polished twig, the twig carefully spaced inside the case. Those birds have been there, in position, for a long time. Heads are cocked, a few wings are spread, twigs are shared. Each is resigned to the eternal companionship of its neighbors. They are posed to remind us of their real lives, they are skillfully angled to best display the characteristic shapes and coloring of each specimen.

For how much longer?

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