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Gigi Polo is a Parsons graduate from the Communication Design Department. She launched her studio—Myellow Boots—in 2005, offering services to small and starting businesses in the non-profit industry, and to Publications like Domino Magazine, The New Yorker and RedBook Magazine, among others. As an instructor, Gigi teaches Art Theory and Design, Digital design, and Branding at Parsons The New School for Design, and has been teaching abroad at Altos de Chavón, the School of Design and the Museum of Modern Art, both in the Dominican Republic. She is currently co-director of global branding and research fellow for the Nemetics Institute of Arts & Science in Kolkata, India (NIASK) doing research on “complex adaptive systems” within creative processes and neuroscience. Also a filmmaker, Gigi directed, produced, and edited a documentary about Bipolar Disorder and the Artistic Temperament called Madly Gifted, which has been screened in several venues, such as Hawaii, New York City, and Dominican Republic. To see some of her design work, please go to:

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